What Weighs You Down?

So let’s come out with it – I’m not a twig. Meghan Trainor totally called it in her hit song that, “I won’t be no stick figure silicone Barbie doll.” But here’s the thing – I get questions from fans all the time about my weight. Did I gain five pounds? What am I eating lately? Do I exercise? Also, I get unsolicited advice from fans all the time about the same issue. I shouldn’t eat so much. I clearly don’t exercise enough. On and on, on and on.

Seriously people?! What is your fascination with my body shape and what makes you think it’s appropriate to flat-out ask me about that topic? Am I allowed to eat? Here’s the bottom line – you wouldn’t ask that of someone you’ve never met, if you were speaking to her in person, so I realize that you only feel comfortable doing so with the veil of anonymity provided by the Internet. And that’s cool – I get that you want to be involved with all things Ashley – but that’s like, really involved

I never answer people’s questions about this topic individually because quite frankly, it’s sensitive and I don’t really think it’s appropriate. But, because it’s come up so frequently, I figured I may as well get it all out in the open – so here’s the answer…

My life is stressful. I have a high-profile career, and at home, I have two energetic kids, one crazy husband, and two dogs who think they’re humans. That’s to say nothing about volunteering I do, community projects I’m involved in, or – gasp – a social life. And yeah, the reality is that when I’m stressed out, I eat. I like to eat. I enjoy a well-crafted, delicious meal as an art form in itself, just as well as I enjoy a good old fashioned cheeseburger on our barbeque. So yes, I eat. Aren’t I allowed? Isn’t everyone?

Every single person I know has something that weighs them down, literally or figuratively. And likewise, every single person I know also has a way to cope with that weight. For some, it’s nail-biting. For others, it’s a day at the spa. Still others go to the gym compulsively, while others, like me, go to the kitchen pantry. And that’s fine – we’ve all been there. We’re all human. The important thing here is having the ability to emotionally remove yourself from whatever issue it is that you’re facing (or avoiding), so that you can move beyond it and truly solve it, rather than just masking it. I’m working on this myself, and I’d love to hear from you as to how you’re doing too, no matter what size jeans you’re rocking.

Ashley Gold