The Girls Getaway That Wasn't

This past weekend, I worked – the whole time. While this isn’t completely out of the ordinary for me, I wasn’t thrilled about doing it. Instead of being at work, I was supposed to be on a girls’ getaway weekend with my best friend in Los Angeles. I wasn’t – I was in Michigan, dealing with problems at the store, per usual.

Now let’s set this straight. I’m 36 and I’ve never taken a girls’ trip. Finally, my best friend and I decided there’s something seriously wrong with that picture, and made plans to change it. We were headed out, just the two of us (no spouses, no kids, no work, no drama, and no stress) for a long weekend in the southern California sunshine. We had planned one day each of shopping, spa treatments, and sunbathing – that’s the holy trinity of girl time, and I had been counting down the days leading up to the trip… that wasn’t.

Television is crazy, and TV production schedules are even crazier – because they’re constantly changing timing, we sometimes have to adjust on the fly at the last minute. In this case, the adjustment didn’t work out in our mimosa-sipping favor. My dad and Seth were booked for an appearance (ironically in California), so they were going to be gone from American Jewelry and Loan. When crews are in the store filming B-roll and working on other production elements, one of us has to be there for liability purposes. Their trip was work-related, so it trumped my vacation. They still went – and I held down the fort.

Of course, the morning we were supposed to be en route, there was frost on my car. Ugh. Talk about adding insult to injury! In a huff, I called my mom to have a little vent sesh while I drove into work. “We’d be halfway to Robertson with the shopping well underway at this point…” “I should have been booking our mani-pedis by now, but nooooo.” You get the idea. To put it bluntly, I was pissed off. My mom got an earful that morning, but she still managed to give me great advice, which put it in perspective for me.

She reminded me that getaway weekend or otherwise, my bestie is a “lifer.” And as a good friend, it’s my job to maintain that friendship as a two-way street – again, getaway or otherwise. After a tough day, I know I can always count on my close-knit circle of friends as a support system, and they have come to expect nothing less from me, too. The shopping and cocktails are just icing on the cake, as my mom reminded me, and they can come at any time. What really matters is who’s sitting poolside next to you. The fact that you can count on that person to have your back is even more priceless than that SoCal sunshine.

Ashley Gold