Oh You're Naked... Ok Then.

Let me start by saying that the vast majority of our customers are incredible. People come in to buy, sell, and pawn their belongings and have been getting great deals at AJL for decades. We love our customers, just like any small business owners, anywhere. I’d argue we have some of the best clients anyone could ask for – mostly. And then, we have our token crazies. Doesn’t everyone? Here’s hoping, because we really get some craziness at 8 Mile and Greenfield.

A while ago, I was working with a guy on trying to make a deal. He wasn’t happy with the way the situation was going, so he started yelling at me. Ok, I’ve been yelled at before, let’s be real (you guys have all seen Hardcore Pawn – duh). That was fine. But then, while he was screaming at me, he just pulled down his pants. I had a streaker on my hands. I had looked down for a split second and looked up, and realized to myself, “Oh, you’re naked… ok then.”

He then proceeded to storm off, pants around his ankles. I wish that had been it. With his pants off, they apparently became a tripping hazard, because midway through his pants-less temper tantrum, he just bit it. I mean full on, barrel rolled. He then picked himself up, pants still off, and then just walked out of the front door, still screaming, at nobody in particular.

I was stunned. My staff was stunned. All the other customers in the store at the time were stunned. There was a weird, collective silent pause inside American Jewelry and Loan, and we all kind of looked around, not sure what to do. And then I let out what I couldn’t hold in any longer – a giggle. Then, with that out, I burst out laughing. A big, hearty, belly laugh. And so did everyone else. It was like a sigh of relief washed over everyone, all at once. The angry streaker incident was so ridiculous that it was the only response anyone could muster.

Sometimes, shit happens and we just don’t have any kind of answer or rationale as to “how” or “why.” Things our kids do are occasionally baffling – or frustrating, or absurd. Ways in which our bosses treat us are surprising, just as the way in which we sometimes interact with total strangers, for better or for worse. Sometimes things are going hunky-dory and sometimes you have an angry, pants-less man screaming in your face in the middle of a sales floor. And that’s ok.

Remember that life is always going to throw you curve balls. Always, without exception. And that’s the beauty of it – in all its craziness. So instead of freaking out about these sorts of ridiculous moments, just take them at face value. You’ll be amazed at how much more you’re able to conquer when you realize that you’re equipped to take them on. Pants or no pants.

Ashley Gold