It's Thanksgiving... So Please Be Normal

If you’re reading this, you know by now that my family is batshit crazy. You’ve seen it time and time again on Hardcore Pawn – we fight like animals, we scream like banshees, and we hold grudges like cheerleaders on crack. Don’t get me wrong – I love my family; they’re my rocks and foundation for all things. But (and that’s a big ass “but”) here’s the thing: they’re all fucking psychos.

Generally speaking, our gatherings look something like this…

Thanksgiving is the one time of year where we always host. It’s our core group, plus a much bigger ancillary group. Lots of friends join in the fun. And so, every year, we set a pact: it’s Thanksgiving… so please be normal. There’s a lot to be said about setting a strong example for the little ones, but there’s even more to be said for not making total assholes out of ourselves in front of guests. Pull your shit together, people! Get your game faces on!

It’s a little ridiculous to seemingly “prep” for normalcy in front of others for a holiday gathering. We’ve accepted that. For us, being “normal” is just not fighting, so the dinner experience is positive for everyone. And something amazing happens, each and every year: it’s like magic – we have so much fun with one another, even on our best behavior. I’m constantly reminded why these lunatics are my closest sources of comfort and my deepest sources of pride.

So I have to imagine something here – we’re not the only ones. Everyone has their version of a “game face” with company. Some people “clean” their houses by moving the piles of shit sitting around to one consolidated out-of-sight pile of shit. Others avoid discussing something difficult. Still others go to such lengths to hire a professional to cook a dinner, making it appear to be homemade, simply to impress guests. We all have our thing. Ours just happens to be to hide our crazy – and that’s ok.

Because hidden or otherwise, that’s who we are. A little wild. A little fun. A little batshit craziness. And a lot of love. At the end of the day, isn’t that what Thanksgiving’s all about? I know I’ll be spending Thursday celebrating the love of my family and all that we’ve been blessed to have… while being on my best behavior, of course. To your crazy, messy, perhaps dysfunctional crew, best wishes for a Thanksgiving full of gratitude and a year ahead full of things to be thankful for. Even if it’s a batshit crazy kind of year.

Ashley Gold