Put Some Pants On!

A while ago, I was going to be on a morning television talk show, doing an appraisal feature. Now, anytime I’ve ever done an appraisal – on TV or in my usual office – I’m standing up. You can easily look at a piece from all its angles while standing, and if there’s multiple pieces of jewelry in a set, you can lay them all out in front of you and get a true “bird’s eye” view of them from above. So, because I was used to standing, I figured I’d be doing the same thing for this segment.

As I packed for my trip, I obviously emptied my closet to find the perfect thing to wear. Even though I’m on national television all the time, I’m always at work, wearing my “uniform”: black top and jeans. So when I have the opportunity to wear what I wanted, I was determined to look fabulous! Duh. I decided upon this gorgeous dress with great heels to match – and I was so excited. I packed my bags and headed to New York City, giddy for the segment’s filming.

I arrived on set, had my hair and makeup done, and go out onto the filming area. To my horror, I discover the pieces I’m appraising on a table with a chair next to it. Wait – I’m sitting down for this? Not good.

Fast-forward to our filming 15 minutes later and America totally saw my va-jay-jay on national television. Not my finest moment. Oh hi, viewers – do you like my panties? Just checking, because you just got a view. Never have I been so embarrassed. I couldn’t focus on the appraisal because I was seriously concerned about pulling down my dress. Talk about awkward.

Then of course, I get home and vented to my dad, who simply said to me, “Next time, put some pants on!” Thanks for your support – or not. Oh well, he was right. And now, it’s hilarious. My friends and I always joke if I wear that particular dress out for cocktails or dancing that it would be a real problem if – god forbid – I had to sit down at a table in it.

After the fact, I’m happy it’s a joke now, but at the time it totally sucked. Lesson learned – ask questions. Yes, I usually stand to do an appraisal, but I could have asked the producer what the set would be like, gotten her answer in 30 seconds, packed some pants, and kept my goodies to myself. As the Boy Scouts say, “be prepared.” Or, as an alternative, I guess just make sure you’re always wearing really cute underwear!

Ashley Gold