Take A Number

Well, the New Year is upon us. For all of us, this means a resolution or two. As I take time to reflect on what I’d like to achieve in 2015, and the ways in which I’d like to attain those goals, I can’t help but think about my dad. Growing up, I always worked in his pawnshop and looked forward to the batshit craziness that ensued during the last two weeks of the year – every year. For the week leading up to Christmas, we were always insanely busy – and nothing really changed the week after the holiday either. For those two weeks, we’d work until we couldn’t stand up anymore. That’s the same story today, but the lesson was learned from our dad: work ethic matters.

When someone called the store on Christmas Eve to see how late he’d be open, my dad would tell people that they’d be there until he saw Santa. He was always the last store to be open, to ensure that people could get their last-of-the-last-minute gifts for special people in their lives, putting his loved ones on hold with the business coming first. On those crazy days, there were so many people at any given time that we set up a butcher counter “take a number” machine. And that’s the way he always liked it. Today, looking into 2015, nothing’s changed – which is why he’s been so successful.

So I’ve decided that my resolution in 2015 is simple: work my ass off – just like my dad taught me. Relish in that work ethic and in putting our customers at American Jewelry and Loan first. Work my ass off at home too – so my kids learn that same ethic as I did. Work my ass off in the community – to leave our city better for our kids than we inherited it. Work my ass off in my marriage – so my husband knows each and every day how much he means to me. And work my ass off for myself – so I always take care of myself and know my worth.

I may not need a meat-counter number system to do it, but working hard is important. And this year, I plan to do a lot of it – because that’s hardcore. How about you?

Ashley Gold