One Step At A Time

I could swear a billion times but I'm not going to do it. Sure, my thoughts are filled with swear words but they are not coming out of this mouth. Do you know what I'm talking about? Yes, my butt is killing me, my thighs ache, my back is twisted, my calves are burning.  And I’m NOT swearing.

But, I never said I wouldn't complain.

Let me explain the journey through my week of training.

First, you would think I'm training for an Iron Man but I'm actually just working out. I'm all about making it hardcore because if I do something I do it 200%. Walking into the gym was like walking into a cult initiation ceremony. Day 1 was treadmill first, then a spinning class and then back to the treadmill. Day 2 was spinning again with a yoga class and Day 3 I took a chill day, let's call that my chill pill. By that point in the week I thought I was going to collapse. I had to force myself to go back for Day 4 because it was ALL kickboxing. Sure, they called it kickboxing but they should have just called “let's kick Ashley all around the mirrored room and let's see if she will just die right there” class. I literally crawled right out of the gym, put my head on the dashboard of my car in the freezing cold debating whether to nap. Am I really that weak or am I just that out of shape? I sure hope it’s not both.

OMG seriously, I know you all would rather me swear with every word I know than complain.

Day 5 is back to spinning and the treadmill but I'm up to jogging on and off. My heart is about to jump out of my chest. Day 6 is another chill pill day for me. This is a commitment gosh dang it so whatever it takes I will do. Day 7 it's back to the cult place but at this point I can barely drive let alone walk to the gym. It's been one week and every inch of my body hurts. Every hair on my head hurts too. I complain and moan and groan when I move but I guess that's what I get for being a slob the past year and not caring about ME! Here the phrase goes again: Now it's all about ME! I finally care and this behind may hurt and every time I go to Lifetime I may be pissed and swearing in my head but you won't hear it come out of my mouth.

Now it’s time to go eat a head of lettuce. Wait... When is that next half marathon? I wonder what my number would be??? Hmmm....

Goals... We all need some. Right?

Ashley Gold