How High Is My Temp?

What adult gets a fever? You guessed it, this chick. Yep, I had a whopping 101 temp this weekend. Let me tell you all about this fabulous weekend of mine. It all started off with my new Fitbit Charge that I had to have. Excited on Friday, I literally flew to the gym and could not wait to workout at Lifetime. I kept it on while I slept and realized when I woke up that I was restless more than 15 times. Who the heck is restless in their sleep that many times? Like did I not sleep at all or was I tossing and turning? Nope, I woke up with the flu! Yes, the stupid flu! Not only does this Fitbit Charge tell everything but also it knew something about my sleep patterns. Like did this thing want to brush my teeth for me too?

Ok, let's get back to me.

My entire weekend was ruined. Completely ruined. 101 temp and I am literally watching the thermometer rise by the second. What adult gets a temp that high? Do I need to go to the hospital or something? Seriously, I'm a mom and I have things to do. I have zero time for a fever. Not only a fever but also every muscle was aching. Not the type of aches I complained about from Pilates or spinning. I mean real aches like I thought I would pass out. A working mom with the flu. This equation does not fit with my schedule. I also had a charity event at American Jewelry which we had been planning for months. Hmmm, now how am I going to get my temp down and attend this party and look normal? Not really going to happen! Taking naps on and off throughout the day and yes my Fitbit stayed on my arm. And yes, my sleep during the day was not restless. Of course not, I'm now SICK! Totally sick! Did I even mention that one of my kids woke up on Saturday with a temp too? That just topped it all off.

So now let's forget about me and focus on my child. Two sick people in the house, germs everywhere fevers are flying and I have an event to get to which is not happening.

Can't this day be over and I can click my heels and everyone can get better?

As I sit and write two days after the event and the fever gone, I am finally in a house of all healthy people. Sometimes you just need to sit, relax and wait for the storm to pass.

Oh, and keep an eye on your Fitbit.

Ashley Gold