Perrier vs. The Others

Is it that difficult to get Perrier? I mean seriously?

I eat out a couple times a month and I prefer sparkling water to the flat stuff. Maybe it's the taste, or maybe it's the fizz. Whatever it is, I like it. Yet, there exists a huge problem. When I order Perrier, they rarely to have it.

My husband always asks me why I like Perrier over San Pellegrino or any other brand. I explain it to him this way: Imagine taking a Coke and shaking it until it turns flat. To me, that's what every other sparkling water tastes like -- except Perrier.

Why does nobody serve Perrier? Do they take it out of every restaurant I go to before I get there? I don't drink Coke, I don't drink Pepsi, I don't drink alcohol. All I want is my Perrier with a lime.

The best thing? Perrier in the grocery stores. They now have plastic bottles with screw tops that I can take with me everywhere. OMG, I am in love! But I digress...

I went to a restaurant in Detroit last month and they didn't even have sparkling water, let alone Perrier. I literally almost left the restaurant. That's like saying you don't carry bread. What restaurant doesn't carry sparkling water. Do you not have ice cubes either?

Next time you go to a restaurant and see people drinking sparkling water and Perrier is NOT on the table, think about ME. Think about how I would feel if I was there. Would I be happy? The answer is NO!

Love my Perrier! Cheers!

Ashley Goldperrier