Ski Bound?

You plan and you plan and you plan.

That's exactly what I did. I just went on a ski trip with my family to Utah, one of the greatest places to ski in the world. To plan a ski trip takes a ton of work. You need to make sure you have the right amount of clothing for the day and the right amount of stuff for the night. Pack the right socks, the correct number of layers. Make sure you have glove warmers, lip balm, helmets, goggles, boots, gloves -- you name it, we need to pack it. The week before I left I was running back and forth to Boyne Country Sports every day. We showed up to the airport and the Delta folks must have thought we were going away for a month.

The week leading up to our trip I was sick. I even missed a charity event at the store. The scratchy throat was still lingering. At the airport I still wasn't feeling well. We boarded the plane and I'm feeling sicker by the minute but my family and I were beyond excited for this one ski trip that we plan each year.

Two hours into the flight I look and my husband and I cannot breathe. I try not to panic or have an anxiety attack. Hoping not to pass out, I ask for water. Nothing is helping. I suck on Halls, drink hot tea and try to sleep. NOTHING is helping. I am praying for the plane to land.

When we finally land in Salt Lake City and collect our bags, it looks like we are moving to Utah there is so much stuff. My husband speeds to the hotel. I walk to the room and fall right asleep in hopes that the next morning I will wake up and feel fine. Sure enough, I wake up and feel worse. Are you kidding me?!? What the heck is wrong with me? I cannot talk. I'm sure everyone is happy to hear that. My throat hurts and my eyes are swollen. Is this a curse?

I was so excited to ski with my kids and husband and now I am in the middle of Deer Valley alone and stuck in a bed with my iPad watching Sons on Anarchy (which I needed to finish anyway, but that’s besides the point). I'm now missing this family vacation. Ugh. Totally sucks. Sleep and more sleep. Ok, I need to drink tea and do what it takes to have a trip that I've waited so long for. Let me speed up this story so I don't bore any of you like I was so bored.  This four-day dream vacation was terrible for me. I ended up sick the entire trip. My ski clothes, skis, helmet and whatever else I packed for myself NEVER left my suitcase. I never left my bed other than to walk back and forth to the lobby because I was getting so nauseated from the room after four days. At least my kids and hubby had a great time. I was also able to join my family for dinner but I couldn't speak or I would just cough. Oh yeah, did I mention that I ended up at the doctor in Park City too? They are pretty nice there! Asthmatic bronchitis sucks

It just shows you that you make plans and God laughs. Appreciate all the family time you get!

Ashley Gold