A 5K?!?

Did I really just hit the send button?? I sure did! That means I have less that eight weeks to train for something I’ve never done before. I just signed myself up for a 5k online.  Yes, a 5k. That means I need to run 3.1 miles. Me, Ashley Gold, is getting my running shoes on and running.  Not walking, I am running. I've surprised myself. These couple months have been an eye opener. I've realized many things about my life. I never thought I could lose 5 pounds let alone 20 and I just made a huge commitment. I'm not backing out. I'm not a quitter. I don't care if I fall flat on my face and need to be carried out on a stretcher; I am not backing out of this race.  I hear runners talk about the blisters, chaffing and all the other enjoyable things that come with this amusing sport called "running." Will my toenails break too? Maybe I should consult with someone.

Never mind, it's 3.1 miles. I got this. Just like I have everything else. I'll get the chaffing things and the blister crap. I'll train like I should and make great time. Maybe I should start thinking about the 1/2 marathon. Wait! But first, I need the right clothes for this race.

Ashley Gold