We all get sick but when kids get sick? That’s another story.

I wish my kids would never get sick. But I’m a mom and I can handle just about anything. Puke, snot, poop and more but when a fever gets high, like really high, I kind of freak. When I can feel heat radiate from my kid’s skin, it’s a little over the top for me. Yes, I try to stay calm for them but when the thermometer keeps going after 103 but it’s hard. So I run to the freezer to get ice. I'm sure I'm not the only mom like this. All of us moms have a limit, right? I am not one for fevers. Am I crazy?? I know it's just fighting an infection and I'm being silly.

Then comes the cherry on top... My other kid gets sick at the same time, with another FEVER!

Now both kids are home from school all week with high temps. But I have this under control. One is lying with ice packs to lower their temp and the other is coughing and sneezing all over me.  But it's all good. I would never trade being a mom for anything.

Now the week is over, but I actually got some amazing time with my kids even with the high temperatures, coughs, runny noses and sneezes.

And what did get most of all? LOVE!

Ashley Gold