Want to call me fat still? Go ahead!

Do you know how many emails, Facebook messages and Instagram posts I’ve received about being FAT?! Thousands! Yes, thousands! I stopped reading them a couple years ago so can you imagine how many more I have received since?

It doesn't even matter anymore. I didn't lose the weight for anyone else other than myself. Now, instead of the names, people are saying, “How did you do it? How did you lose it?” Hey, weren't you the ones asking how I gained the weight? NOW you actually want to know how I lost it?

I'll tell you. It's called determination. It's called I was sick and tired of the old ME! Sick of how I felt. Sick of being out of breath and never feeling well. I didn't workout for almost four years. I couldn't walk a flight of steps without gasping for air. I set up goals in January this year and wanted to start the "new me." I aimed for 5 lbs then 10 lbs. Once I had the eating down then I started with the gym. Now, on my fourth month I'm new again and feeling great. I see numbers on my scale that I haven't seen in almost seven years! This girl, who couldn't walk a flight of stairs, is now running more than 12 miles a week and lost 30 lbs.

Sure, we all have goals but you have to be determined to reach them.

By the way, who you calling fat now???

Ashley Gold