Is there a better time to write about a fear than going through it while I write my blog?

You all think I am a tough cookie dealing with the goings-on at the pawnshop but I have a fear. A huge fear. I try to conquer it all the time but it doesn't work. FLYING. I hate it. Absolutely hate it. I fly all the time for work. I dislike every part of it. The take off, the mid air thing and the landing. I sit clenched in my seat the entire time. As I am writing this plane is being bounced around in the crystal clear sky. Why the hell are there bumps then? I know why, but still. The plane should be gliding through the air and getting me to DTW. Right??? NO, this plane has other plans up its sleeve. The pilot comes out even before the plane takes off and tells us that there will be gusty winds when we land. OH GREEAATT! Just hit me over the head now and wake me when we arrive. I'm scared shitless.

Now I need to act all cool because I'm the only human on this flight sweating. I'm looking around like something is wrong while everyone else is sleeping, watching a movie or reading a stupid love story. How can anyone read a love story when I need to focus on this plane’s bumps. OMG! I count the minutes and I wish I could chill, but I can't. I buy magazines like I'm going to read or something. HA. Then I give them to the flight attendants on my way off the plane. I think it's a "thank you" for saving my life.

Now, let's get back to this turbulence. It's awful. I have a lady sitting next to me drinking coffee and it's about to spill all over me. Does she realize it or does she want me to tap her?? It's beautiful outside so WTF! I understand ALL the science behind it but it still doesn't make me feel any comfort in my situation right now.

I open my iPad and try to distract myself. Doesn't work. Look around the plane and people are still reading and sleeping. How do these bumps not wake anyone up? The pilot just got on the intercom and told the flight attendants to NOT take the carts out because of the turbulence the rest of the flight. "HELLO" that's what I've been saying!!!! Fasten your seat belts everyone.

Pray for me. I have a fear. We all have fears. Just land! I need to kiss the ground.

Next time, I'm driving...

Ashley Gold