School Is Out!

I'm sure all you parents are thrilled that school is officially out for summer, but it seemed like it took forever this year! We are almost at the end of June and school’s just now wrapping up here in metro Detroit. And August is right around the corner. You wouldn't know by the looks of it, but the outside sure has a Noah’s Ark wetness to it.

The kids deserve a break. I mean a real break, like playing on swings and riding bikes and hanging out at the park. Isn't that how it used to be when we were kids? Now, kids have so much tech they don't even know how to socialize. It's the iPhones and iPads and who is texting whom. Whatever happened to good old playing outside? Things used to be so easy and simple.

It’s time to get that lemonade stand ready and teach our kids about how growing up used to be.

Enjoy the sunshine!

Ashley Gold