Summer Jewelry Trends... Make A Statement!

I've always been the jewelry girl. Dress you up with jewelry, tell you if it looks good with your outfit, and let you know if it was SOOOO last season. Are you wearing your jewelry right for this summer? Do you have the right statement pieces or just some cool accessories? You actually don't need to have your earrings match -- How cool is that!

This summer is all about standing out. Get a choker necklace, a pendant, stackable bracelets or some big earrings. Hoops, stackable rings, or a mismatch pair of earrings. Dare yourself to be different. Wear color! A pop of color. Now I'm not saying to wear all this at one time. Wear some cool hoops with 5-6 bracelets. Make it hardcore another day and stack some rings. Then another time, wear a stud and in the other ear jazz it up with an initial earring.

Summer is about your white clothes so accessorize with your jewelry. Come on ladies, you can do this! Go big or go home! Remember: stack, color, choker necklace, pendant and hoops. Summer is the best time to stand out with the accessories that you have without having your jacket covering you up.

As a fun surprise, I randomly picked one fan to get a piece of statement jewelry from ME for FREE! You know how much I love my fans.... Congratulations @maggieclark302, you’ll have a special piece of my jewelry in your hands soon!

Ashley Gold