Negotiating Is My Passion

Negotiating is my passion. I love it. I can negotiate over dirt. Seriously, who wants to make a deal with me? I'll go head-to-head with anyone.

On a recent work trip, I checked in to my hotel room and it’s clearly not what was described online. The manager agreed right away, and slashed the price in half just because I raised a concern. If a hotel manager starts off with an offer like this, then I know there is room for a lot more.

Time to "negotiate!"

I'm at the front desk insisting he do a lot more for me as the line is getting longer and longer -- but I'm not giving up. He tries to switch my room but the hotel is sold out. I let him know that I would take the original room but he needs to eat the price for at least two of the three nights. Back and forth and back again for over 20 minutes and then he finally makes a deal with me: Two free nights, plus breakfast for two on him. Done!

What took him so long anyway? Did he really think that someone was going to show up and take my room at 12:30 am? Of course not. The hotel messed up and with some persistence, the hotel will make it right.

Take me to a boutique, a flea market, a department store or yes, even a hotel, and I'll show you the way to a successful negotiation -- regardless of the situation.

Have a great Tuesday!

Ashley Gold