Flying, Airports, and More...

You all know that turbulence is NOT my cup of tea. Yet after a few recent trips I’m starting to think that this whole travel thing is not my forte. If I walked everywhere, I could lose more weight, right?

I just traveled from the east coast to the west coast and back again. My bags, well, they want on a different itinerary. Yes, you heard me. My bags went to LA and I went to Phoenix. What did the airline do for me? Let’s just say I am now the proud owner of the world’s littlest toothbrush and the world’s worst tasting toothpaste! How about some clothes???

It does get worse. 

A car was supposed to pick me up at the airport. I booked it myself, paid in advance, and printed out my confirmation. So I get to baggage and yes, you guessed it, no car. I go to the ground transportation counter and they don’t have my reservation.

Was I being punked? I couldn't even order up an Uber because I was underground so of course my phone didn't work. I wanted to pinch myself or click my heels.

Time to head back east. Could it possibly get worse? I think not... but it does! Board the plane and there is NO air conditioning on the plane. Shouldn't they cancel it? You would think so. Two bathrooms on the plane, but only one works. Ugh!

Well, at least the wifi worked so I could write this blog.

Ashley Gold