Only Appropriate...

How can it be 10 months? Why does time fly by so quickly? 10 months ago today was one of the worst days. I lost someone who played an important role in my life. Never thought it could happen. I lost my grandfather. I lost my Papa.

Death happened in a flash. It was just an accident on his way home from getting a few groceries. Sickening. A story like none you have ever heard.  A man that sacrificed so much of his life to help others is now with my grandma.  Two angels in heaven.

WHY? Why can’t I have one last call? Or one last lunch? Or one last holiday meal? I would ask him so many questions and give him one more hug.

You never truly cherish the times you have until they're gone.  Sure, people always say that but you don’t really ever appreciate it until it’s too late.  Why does life work in these mysterious ways?

I tried. I tried to be the granddaughter that invited the grandparents to dinner. The granddaughter that picked up her grandparents to take them places.  The granddaughter that brought them anything they needed.  But, now that he is gone, why do I feel like I didn’t do enough? I was there each day at the hospital and heard each result from the doctors. Why is the 11th of each month the most difficult? I am a strong girl. I can overcome anything, right?

I’ve now lost all of my grandparents. The glue that stuck the final piece of my family together is gone.

Here one minute and the next minute gone.  Pictures to treasure and memories to keep.

Ashley Gold