What Am I All About?

It's simple!

I'm simple!

I receive hundreds of emails each week about my weight. Hundreds of emails about the jewelry I'm selling. Let me explain it all. Here it goes. Are you ready?

This year was about me! Remember #newyear, #newme? I was ready for a change. A huge change.

Let's first get to my weight loss. I had a big wake-up call from my doctor that I was "obese" for my height. Yes, that word that scared the shit out of me. It took me a couple months to wrap my head around the fact that I was beyond overweight, but after seeing myself on TV show after TV show I couldn't stand it any longer. Even when wearing my black top I could no longer cover my rolls. I cut out red meat and soft drinks immediately. I watch what I eat each and everyday. And I run. I'm NOT on a fancy program; I'm on the Ashley program. It's called a "new lifestyle."

For me, a diet would never work. I would fail. I'll have a piece of bread now and again. But now I'm on to the next phase. Down 45 pounds, moving on, and feeling great! It's easy if you're ready... and I was. Never going back to the "old Ashley" who didn't care.

I now care about how I look in clothes and accessories. I'm all about it! It makes the outfit. I love it.

As a jewelry and accessories buyer my entire career, I get my hands on the hottest designers and the greatest pieces. And now I bring them direct to you at PawnChickShopping.com and offer what I love to my fans and customers. It’s the season’s hottest trends. People have turned to me to accessorize them, now is my chance to accessorize YOU! I am the one-stop shop for your fashion and accessory needs! This year was the #newme and it's not over yet! PawnChickShopping.com

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