Can I PLEASE Swear?

I need to forewarn you of some foul language and screaming. I know I made a huge commitment not to swear but can I swear for one second? It's a little tiny word. You ready????


Yes, I said it, shit and 50 in the same sentence! I'm allowed. I deserve it! 50! FIVE - ZERO! I cannot believe it either. Wait, yes I can! I worked my butt off. My fat butt from before is now smaller. HA! Love it!! I lost 50! I'm screaming! Literally screaming. I thought my scale was broken so I tried another scale. It's correct! All the hard work and determination! Yes! Me! Ashley! The one who couldn't even walk up the stairs in January without huffing and puffing. Remember? Yep, that was me! The one you were all calling names and emailing. Yep, that was me! Well, I owe it all to MEEEEE!

It's been a journey. January was the start of the New Year and the New Me! I really am enjoying this new life. I'm feeling so good! Protein bars are my savior and it's all about control. Control, determination and my own success story! I made mine and I can't wait to see where my journey takes me! And sorry about the swearing, but I totally am good for it! Who agrees???

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