Do People Ever Shut It? Just Saying...

Are you kidding me? Working all day and I take one minute to snap a picture of me in my pj’s while doing work and post it to social media with zero makeup on. One day I'm a fat pig and today, I'm TOO SKINNY?! WWHHAATTT?????? Are you kidding me??? I have received the rudest emails, Facebook and Twitter posts! You would think it was obnoxious when I was 50lbs heavier?! Someone even had the audacity to ask me if I'm on drugs since I lost so much weight. Do I make comments on your weight? Do I make comments on what you wear or how your weight gain or weight loss makes you look older? NO! I'm human. I DO read posts, tweets and emails. I have worked my ass off to lose this weight. Sure, I did gain a ton of weight the past six years and I admitted it. But god dammit, I just reached a 50lb weight loss and I’m damn proud of it. So, keep your nasty comments to yourself. If you want to follow me on the rest of my journey, you may do so. If not, enjoy your own ride!


The Skinny Pawn Chick

Ashley Gold