Be In The Now

Appointments on top of meetings on top of calls. Do I ever just take a second to breathe? I am feeling a little overwhelmed. I can't be the only one who feels like this. I make my schedule and plan my entire day. I get through one thing and get ready for the next. Why can't I just enjoy the moment? Why can't I sit still? It's like I have ants in my pants. Don't get all perverted on me people. This is an issue I have. A real issue! I need to live in the moment. Enjoy each one of them. Moments. It's like the phrase, "stop and smell the roses." Literally, I need to stop and smell them. Would I be less stressed? More calm? Take the day more slowly? Enjoy each moment more? I don't even know.

How do I begin the process? Sometimes my mind works faster than I can even move. Some suggest meditating; then I think I could be doing so much more during that time. Meditate? Like just sit!! Me, Ashley? Just SIT! How? How could I just sit in one spot? Not move? Maybe I would watch the clouds pass or the paint dry. Seems kind of boring but that's how many get through this thing called...LIFE!

Ashley Gold