Top 100 Unanswered Questions About Me

“What color Skittles do you eat?”

“Do you like scary movies?”

“Why are you so mean?”

“Why don’t you respond to me?”

These are just a few examples of the hundreds of questions I receive via email everyday. While I always try and respond to every question, sometimes there are just too many to get through.

It’s time to make up for it now! Here are the things you all want to know about me. Some silly, some serious, all direct. Here we go!


  1. Yes, I have been overweight most of my life
  2. Yes, I finally took control in January 2015
  3. I weighed 183
  4. I now weigh 133
  5. I am 37 years old
  6. I do NOT go in a tanning bed
  7. I do like the sun
  8. I wear a size 8 shoe
  9. I was a size 14
  10. I am now a size 4
  11. I have VERY small hands and buy kid’s gloves
  12. I am married
  13. I have kids
  14. I am a jewelry expert
  15. I am a certified diamond appraiser from GIA
  16. I do read each comment on social media
  17. I do run all of my own social media
  18. I read all of the positive AND negative comments
  19. I do have feelings
  20. I have 1 snake
  21. I have 2 dogs
  22. I have 5 fish
  23. I wear other colors than black
  24. Yes, I wear the same attire for the show and yes, I have many of that same outfit
  25. My favorite type of food is Italian
  26. I am not as mean as you may think I am
  27. I love to run
  28. I used to hate to run
  29. I have had 2 knee surgeries
  30. I hate beans
  31. I want to visit Africa
  32. My favorite color is pink
  33. I run in Brooks shoes
  34. I wear my Fitbit daily
  35. I now use a Mac
  36. I hate flying
  37. I hate scary movies
  38. I cannot imagine not working
  39. I can count my closest friends on both of my hands
  40. I’ve been best friends with my best friend for over 33 years
  41. My hair is very curly
  42. I hate blueberries
  43. I love strawberries
  44. I have visited Turkey
  45. I love jewelry
  46. I would rather not wear makeup than wear it
  47. My favorite sport to watch is baseball
  48. Golf is booooooring
  49. I enjoy reading magazines and not books
  50. I love to snow ski
  51. I have tattoos
  52. I love the pawn world
  53. I can accessorize anyone in less than 3 minutes
  54. I can appraise jewelry in 1 minute
  55. I hate the beach
  56. I love the pool
  57. Diamonds fascinate me
  58. I was a cheerleader in high school
  59. I went to Michigan State University (Go Spartans!)
  60. Being a pawnbroker is in my blood
  61. Jewelry is my life
  62. My ears have been pierced since I was 5 years old
  63. White gold over yellow gold every time
  64. My favorite stone is a sapphire
  65. I would rather be comfy than dressed up
  66. The Jetsons are my favorite cartoon
  67. Never wear red
  68. General Hospital is my soap opera
  69. I believe in life after death
  70. I always negotiate
  71. Wheat bread over white
  72. I love searching for rainbows
  73. Favorite bagel is onion
  74. Coffee ice cream is my favorite flavor
  75. I have always designed jewelry
  76. Nike over adidas
  77. Love carrots
  78. I am a germ freak
  79. Love reality TV
  80. Yes, you'll be seeing tons more of me soon
  81. I wash my hands constantly
  82. I stopped eating red meat in January 2015
  83. If I needed to eat a candy bar, it would be Snickers
  84. I stopped drinking soft drinks in January 2015
  85. Always on the hunt for a good deal
  86. I've suffered from migraines since I’ve been little kid
  87. I play blackjack when I gamble
  88. Drink coffee daily
  89. My first car was a GMC Jimmy
  90. My degree from MSU is in business
  91. I cannot put contacts in my eyes
  92. I've had stitches many times
  93. Purple Skittles are the best
  94. I do wear glasses
  95. Don't like going out to the movies, would rather rent them
  96. I might not like beans, but I do love chickpeas
  97. I believe the glass is always half full
  98. I believe what goes around, comes around
  99. I believe in ME! That's what matters most!
  100. I believe that karma is such a BITCH!
Ashley Gold