My Take On Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, texting, Snapchat, emails and websites. What can we all do first? Can we be the first to respond to an email? Or post the most exciting piece of jewelry fashion tips online faster than anyone else? The world has become occupied with a social media phenomenon. Kind of ridiculous at times.

Is there even a thing called socializing anymore?

As I was thinking of what to write, I had emails blasting through and text messages interrupting me. I had 10 different noises coming through my phone and computer. Didn't know what to do first. Do I read the emails or respond to my texts? Nope, I'm finishing this blog.

That's my point. Stop for one second and think about how many emails you write or how many times you look at your phone or computer each day for something pertaining to social media. It's sickening. Could you live ONE day without it? Just one? How about six hours? I honestly don't think I could go without social media for one day. It's like a dare. I would lose. Flat out! If someone told me I had to disconnect all social media channels for an entire 24 hours, I would be lost. Wouldn't you? Don't even tell me that I sound nuts! Well, maybe a little but we are fed our information on the Internet. News, work, pictures and even gossip. We can't live without it.

People at work send emails from the office next to one another. What happened to getting out of your chair to speak? It doesn't exist anymore. Heck, you don't even have to leave your house to go to the grocery store. One click and its delivered to your house the next day. Did we think life in 2015 would be like The Jetsons? Can't imagine what life will be like for my great great grandchildren. Will devices be implanted in people? Ok, eww that was gross but it may be true.

So, before I think too much into the future, I need to check my email, post on Twitter, share on Facebook, put a piece of jewelry on Instagram, update LinkedIn, find a recipe on Pinterest and respond to my text messages.

Until next Tuesday... Have a great day! Isn't there some sort of social media lingo for that???

Oh right! ttyl#pawnchick