Ask Me

Could you imagine someone asking you all day long how much things are worth? I’ve done it my entire life. Loved it. Every part of it. The thrill. The deals. The negotiation.

But when someone literally comes and sits down next to me and opens their mouth at a restaurant to show me their gold crown, that’s where I draw the line. Did she want me to whip out my loop and give her an appraisal right there? How about we have some lunch? Seriously? Lady, have some respect. I'm with my family and you sit your butt at my table and bust open your mouth. GROSS!

I'm the Pawnchick and I know my stuff. Now, it's about the jewelry and accessories I show and wear. It's all about how fast I can deliver your items to your door. It's which earrings go with which outfit. It's about how it all works together.

I'll still tell you how much your above-ground pool is worth and how amazing that bag and bracelet will look!

I'm telling you all...I can write a book. Blogs are way too short. Who wants to help me think of a title?

Ashley Gold