As I sit here and ponder how Thanksgiving will be this year, it's quite different. Ok, VERY different. You make plans and God laughs, isn't that the slogan? Thanksgiving was a day when we would all sit around, watch football and then eat a huge turkey and all the crap that went along with it. Sat at a huge table with family and friends and gave thanks. But why does it have to be just one time a year?

I decided these past six months that you don't need Thanksgiving to do that and you especially don't need certain people next to you saying crap they don't mean. I cook a turkey every couple of weeks and give thanks for all that I have. I'm beyond grateful! Grateful for my husband and kids. You don't need one day to observe it. Forget eating to your heart’s content, sitting around a table with some people that may not even give a shit and instead celebrate at random days throughout the year that are more meaningful to YOU! Remember this was the #newme #newyear? Have I impacted your life yet? The year isn't over yet!

Happy Thanksgiving, well, happy almost Thursday!  I'm grateful for all of you and I don't need Thanksgiving to say it!

Ashley Gold