Better Late Than Never

Doesn't hurt to be a day late!

You ever have those weeks where the days all seem like one another? Yes, that was yesterday! Like the day I was supposed to send out my blog. All day today I thought it was Wednesday and then it hit me when I received emails from readers about my blog that I didn't write -- I had that sudden panic. Like the one you have when you miss an appointment or the one you used to get when the teacher gave you a pop quiz. Well, that's the feeling. The “oh no” feeling.

The days are flying and I don't know where they are going. How has this year gone by so quickly? Christmas already? I seriously forgot to write my blog! Maybe because I was out of town for Thanksgiving and I came back and prepare for Cyber Monday. Couple days before that was Black Friday. Hmmmm... Can I make up a name and call it Ashley Friday? Right, I cannot forget about my interview this Friday!!! I never forget things. Who else is having a brain fart this week?

Happy Holidays everyone!! Let's all get in the spirit! HO HO HO!!

Ashley Gold