New Year's Resolution

A year ago I went with the New Year’s resolution, “#newyear #newme,” and I followed through and achieved every goal I set for myself. Feeling accomplished, I’m ready for new challenges in 2016. What do I want to strive for this year? It's another blank canvas and I love it.

This year’s resolution will be to continue to achieve the goals I set for myself and never give up. The only way to truly fail is to give up. I never give up, and therefore, failure is not an option. I'm a mom and a wife and I set examples in my house and in my life. I had 365 days in 2015 to work on the "new me" and I'm lucky and grateful how the year turned out.

Here’s my first one for 2016: January 1 I'm signing up for the Detroit Free Press Talmer Bank Half Marathon, and on October 16, I’ll finish it. A year ago I couldn’t even walk half a mile.

Never give up. What's your resolution?

Ashley Gold