All Out

It’s a busy time! New York City, buying trips, interviews, my podcast and a couple more things up my sleeve. Is there any time to rest? HELL NO!

I don't need to rest. You can rest when you're dead. Flat out. Push yourself. That's exactly what I do. I push myself to the max and that's how I work. Each day. Morning until night. How do you think things get done? I'm a one-woman show and I do it myself and love it! I work hard and teach my kids that if you want something bad enough then you need to reach for the stars to get it. I don't care how sleep deprived I am or how many miles I travel. No matter how hard it is. As Randy Pausch famously said, “The walls are there to keep the other people out.”

I'm happy because I’m working hard. Happier than I have ever been, in fact. I'm in a better place. Better than ever.

2016 is starting off on a great foot. How's yours starting?

Ashley Gold