Fashion! I Crave It Now!

I just love it! I can't stand it! Get rid of all those black clothes and give me some color! Throw it on me!

I used to be this lame girl that wore the same lame clothes day in and day out. Yes, you would find me with that same old hairstyle and same black wrap sweater with my size 12 jeans. They always say that black is the best color? Right? WRONG!

Give me color and give me those accessories! I crave it. I think I crave color because I was always so blah. I would fall over if I wore anything but a flat shoe. Flip-flops were my go to. Don't get me wrong, I still love comfort -- but now I care about myself and I like to look good.

If you feel good about yourself then dress the part. Jewelry makes the outfit and latest spring jewelry is all about color! Pop of color to go with your outfit. I was like a kid in a candy store at the most recent jewelry show. So many hot new things for the spring that I can't load the jewelry fast enough on - all very exciting and so much to share.

Happy Tuesday!

Wait, we need a gem for each the day of the week... What do you think we should go with for today? Hmmmmm....

Ashley Gold