On To Bigger and Better

Have you ever had that "aha" moment? Like the “pack up your bags it’s time to move on” moment? Well, I'm not leaving town or anything but I'm not at the pawnshop anymore. Actually, I haven't been there for quite some time. I appreciate ALL my fans coming there hoping to meet me. You probably even heard a lot of excuses from some as to why I’m not there.

Soon enough, the truth will be told. But for now, please just know that I did this for ME! And you can still find me! I can still sign pictures and you can still buy items from me. It's ok and I'm ok. Actually I’m not ok; I'm fabulous. No more headaches. No more drama every single day. I lived the life of a pawnbroker and thought I would die a pawnbroker but there were other surprises in store for me.

I'll always be a pawnbroker at heart. Hey, first sale at age seven, drove home each weekend from college because I needed to work, implemented new systems, have my certification from the Gemological Institute of America and caught many thieves along the way (liars too – and I HATE liars).

But you know what? Now this is MY time. My time to shine! The jewelry, the blogs, my radio show and much, much more headed my way. 2016 is all going in a positive direction and all the haters need to head the other way because this train is only headed positive. Who is on board?  PawnChickShopping.com is full steam ahead!

Ashley Gold