I'm so sick of hearing excuses! I hear excuses everyday about why something didn’t happen.

I was skiing this past weekend and heard a father make every excuse in the world why he shouldn’t buy his kid a helmet! What?! Are you kidding me?! It costs too much, it’s uncomfortable, his ears will be cold, blah, blah, blah. It's called safety, Mr. Excuse Maker.

I had someone working for me, and they wanted to help with my new business. Never followed up and never followed through. One “reason” after the next. Just excuses.

People complain to me about their weight. I get emails all the time about my diet plan or my “eating plan” (love that one!) and how they can follow it. I try to teach people and the next thing I see is their "cheat day." Since when do people have a cheat day? It's called an excuse for eating.

You can make up excuses your entire life about why or why not you did or didn’t do something. Or you can get off your ass, make a real commitment, and make it happen. You have a choice to make. I did.

Ashley Gold