Roses Anyone???

A while back I wrote a blog about pausing, taking a breath, and smelling the roses. Never is that lesson more important than now. Because lately I feel like there are not enough hours in a day to touch my to-do list. Could I have eight arms, six legs, duplicate myself to get things done and be in three places at once? Jeez!

We all know how it goes. When you're young, the days take forever. When you get older, you kind of wish there were 26 (or 106) hours in a day. (Just think of all the things I could get done!!)

If it's not one thing, then it's another. I try to stop and smell the roses, look at the sky, watch paint dry and more, but nothing seems to work lately to chill me the hell out. My body is moving faster than I can even function. Am I the only one who ever feels like this?

Ashley relax! Maybe if I talk to myself it will work. Nope! Still not working. Sometimes, I wish I could take my own advice. Smell the roses and meditate. Do yoga. Read. Clear my head. Even when I try to go to sleep, my mind is running. Literally thinking of the next thing I have to do. What happened if I skipped the whole sleep thing? Think about it, while everyone sleeps, I work! Love that idea. But then, I would actually be tired the next day. Ok, that wouldn't work.

Maybe this is actually working, and writing is my calmness. The punctuation may not be 100% correct but hey, I actually stopped for a second and smelled the roses.

Ashley Gold