What Party?

Just 24 hours. Maybe not even that long. I had my own party and nobody was invited. You all heard me! I had a pity party and I'm actually proud of it. I had it. My own little temper tantrum.  Not the ones that you saw on the show. It was quiet and handled in my own way. I actually napped and kept to myself. Can you imagine? I was silent. Well, maybe not totally silent. I may have rolled my eyes and swore under my breath.

I had a bad day. We are all entitled. I was pissed and I'm not really even sure why. Maybe it was PMS or maybe because I just came off the greatest trip and back to reality. Not sure yet. Every little thing just rubbed me the wrong way. Emails, texts messages and even messages through Instagram irritated me. I could not wait to fall asleep and start a new day. I haven't felt like that in almost a year. Yesterday I wanted to pinch myself when I woke up, wishing it was all a dream.

Sometimes things won't go perfectly and those 24 hours are just a day. But thank god, I've had almost a whole year of sunshine and one day won't screw up a thing!

Next time, you're all invited to the party and it won't be a "pity party!"

Happy Wednesday!