Bring On The Sunshine

The days are flying by -- how is it almost April!?! I have so much to share with you but not enough time. We are talking about Prom fashion and then Mother’s Day. Can we slow down a second and get ahold of Spring fashion first? I'm shopping for fall trends already. FALL?! What?! We still have snow flurries in Detroit!!!

Back to “now” for a moment...

It’s time for the cutest Spring clothes with the hottest Spring jewelry trends. COLOR, FRINGE, RAW STONES, BANGLES and CUFFS. Layer it and don't be bashful. I promise you, stand out! That's what this jewelry trend is all about!

GOLDEN SUN... Where are you? We are all ready to rock the hottest jewelry trends before it starts to snow again!

❤ The PawnChick

Ashley Gold