I am a pawnbroker. Was a pawnbroker. Loved being a pawnbroker. Still at heart a pawnbroker.

How do I answer the question now? Ugh, what do I call it?

This is a tough one...

My life was revolved around that word. Now it has changed.

It's just a word. My heart will never lose it. It's what I've always known. It's what I've always been around.

Even though I don't actually work at a pawnshop, I'm still negotiating and loving the art of the deal. I'm not giving loans to people any longer, but I think like a pawnbroker most of the time.

Do I call myself a jeweler? No. I'm not working on jewelry. Am I a designer? Yes, but that's not the right word. Entrepreneur, yes, but still not right.

Just because you leave a business, does the name leave right with you? Let's say I'm not in a pawnshop now but decide later to open one, do I reinvent the name again? Hmmm...

I am who I am. Never lose who you are.