Some days just suck. It's not just a pity party but a completely sucky week. I may come off saying that I'm fine but honestly I'm a total and complete mess. I'm a girl that has those hormones just like every other girl. I admit it. I'm not perfect. I like to think it though.

I'm a mom, wife and friend. Calm, cool and collected is my thing... But this week? Not so much.

Am I being punked? Like, is there a hidden camera aimed at me? Pull the camera out and just tell me that this is a joke! It's like one thing after the next. I want to explain it all on here but I just can't. There are some things better left unsaid. But trust me, it sucked. (Did I say that already?) We will call this week the "Sucker of the Sucker" with two capital S’s.

Oh, and I haven't slept a lot either which brings out the best in me too. Why can't I sleep? If I sleep for four hours one night, wouldn’t you think my body needs sleep the next night? NO! Of course not! I cannot sleep. If you need to find me at 4:00 am, I am UP! I also can't eat this week. Why??? I can't answer that one either. Not that I'm not hungry, because I'm starving. Yes, it's been a joyful week for me. Just wonderful.

Oh, one last thing that topped off my week is when someone asked me if I enjoy my blog. I almost laughed in her face, literally. I love it! It's my release and I can't wait for Tuesday! .

Seriously? How many more things can I have thrown at me? Can I start to juggle?



Ashley Gold