Seeing Is Believing

Many people take good eyesight for granted. I literally thought I was losing my vision on Friday morning. Talk about an anxiety attack! I almost had one. Or three. I thought the friendly Mr. Sandman came for his friendly visit and dropped a truckload in my left eye and I woke up with it on Friday morning. Trying to rub it out and then flush it with Visine wasn't working.

I ran to grab a coffee and noticing that the pain was getting more intense each passing minute. Flushing it more with solution, nothing was working. By this point, it was time to call the doctor because my eye was swollen and blurred vision was setting in. I knew at this point it wasn't just sand. I arrive at the doc’s office and they put numbing drops in because it felt like labor pains in my eyeball. They begin to tell me that I could have a problem. Suddenly, I feel a warm wave overcome by body and I feel like I am about to pass out. The only thought that I have at this point was, "Am I going to lose my eye?" Now, I tend to over exaggerate, but this was no over exaggeration. The doctor proceeds to tell me that I have an ulcer in my cornea.

A WHAT!?!  How the hell do you even get that? I thought for sure a scratch or pink eye but never an ulcer in my eye! I can't even begin to explain the pain at this point. It's like my heart is beating in my eyeball. The pain is intolerable. I need drops and pain meds to help control the situation.

Many people take things for granted and an eye is precious. I would never in a million years think of an eye-ulcer. A stomach ulcer, perhaps, but in my left eye, NEVER. I may see life from a different angle now and if you see me out this week with no make up, please don't laugh. Always remember to take care of yourself! Remember, doesn't matter who you are, anything can happen to anyone!


Pawn Chick

Ashley Gold