How do some accomplish anything? Sometimes, I truly wonder.

Deals are put in front of their face. Right there! It’s like they don’t see it. Is it stupidity? A lack of business sense? Zero motivation? All of the above?

Have you really busted your ass trying to get your business off the ground like you said? Or are you waiting to have someone come and do it for you? For too many, it’s the latter.

People spend more time polishing PowerPoint’s than working on how to move their business to the next level. I can't help but stare into their eyes with a look of shock.

I grew up in a world of hard work and busting my ass and it didn't matter how many hours of work I put into my day. Too many people care more about how their office space looks and how they can accessorize it.

It's not only money people need to operate a successful business -- it's also a brain! Hard work pays off; you have to work for it.

I appreciate that you want to get to heaven, but are you willing to die trying?

Ashley Gold