Make Your Goal A Reality

My heart races and my blood is pumping. I feel it in my veins and I cannot wait. I don't know what to be excited for first! Is it that I represent the trendiest jewelry lines? Lost 60 pounds? Started a business from absolutely nothing and kicking ass after just seven months? My radio show,, was just picked up by a network? Running a half-marathon? Or about to start a new venture too?! And while doing all of this I still do a kick ass job at being a mom!

Life is what you make of it. You can mope around the entire day, eat boxes of crap while you gain weight all at the same time. Or you can choose to change your life. I did! The biggest challenge over the past year was how to juggle everything while being that mom, wife and entrepreneur. Life is never easy, but it's the everyday choices and decisions that turn your goals into your reality.

Let me tell you, kinda loving my reality right now. And I owe it all to my kids and hubby! Thank you guys for being my rocks!