This one took me by surprise. Okay, shock.

I lost someone this week. It doesn't matter whom, but I did. I extended my condolences to another family member because it was their loss, too. I was thinking that I would get a "thank you," maybe I would get an F U, or even a thumbs up. Yet I was actually ignored like "I" was dead. Really? Then I thought maybe I didn't send the email. So I checked, and yes, I sent it.

It took a lot for me to hit that little send button. But it’s ok. There is this funny thing called LIFE and someone just lost his. A relative. Maybe it would be a lesson and maybe not. Maybe this was the step but I guess not. This four letter word LIFE says so much because one minute you're here and the next you're gone. The letters in LIFE don't contain any that spell TOUGH. Think about it. If you can appreciate LIFE more than being TOUGH, many people will be so much more happy! I certainly learned it the past year.

RIP cousin!