Fashion 101

It's unreal how jewelry and weight can change someone. Like boom! Lose all that weight, add some pizazz, and I'm a different person. Kinda cool.

I was like a frump. Same old girl that wore the same old standby clothes. It was like a ritual. Boring crap that I would put on each day and it didn't matter if it were day or night. Why didn't anyone ever mention it to me? I worked in a jewelry store. I thought I had fashion but maybe I would have been better off talking on a radio show back then when nobody saw me. You think I'm kidding. I donated all of my fat clothes recently and they were all black. You would have thought that I was attending funerals daily or worked in a funeral home.

Now it's color, crop tops, low jeans, heels and statement jewelry. Before you would have found me at a black tie event in flip flops -- now I want 5" heels! Giving fashion advice is my glory as I sell the hottest jewelry trends of the season. has taken off the past year and it could not have come at a better time. Do I think it could have happened when I was that "fat girl" who thought the only color to wear was black? Heck no! Style is key and I have that key!

See ya flip flops -- those are only for the beach!