Do people ever know when enough is enough? Can you spread yourself too thin? Travel the world and nothing is good enough. Kinda sad, isn't it? How can people not be content?

Fake is the perfect word.

It's when someone looks at you and pretends to be your best friend and tells you to go screw yourself when you walk away. How can people live with themselves sometimes and how can they raise their kids in society and expect them to turn out halfway decent?

Maybe this blog/diary is all questions. Or maybe this week it's utter disbelief. Sometimes people throw me into shock and this is a perfect week for that. I just want to punch myself and ask if it's a dream. Ok, I did it and it's the real damn thing, shoot.

Take a look around you, there are people running around playing Pokemon-Go and looking crazy. What is this world turning into? Do you ever ask yourself, "Am I the only normal one here?"