I never talk much about high school or even college. Yep, it is all a blur.

I was one of those students who just wanted to get by. I had a goal and wanted to achieve it and school had little to do with the goal -- other than to finish. Finish with school as quickly as possible then work.

Work is what I knew my entire life. Work hard and succeed. Strive for what I want and never fail. And when I fail, get up quickly and keep going. I was Captain of the varsity cheerleading team only so that it looked good on my college application. I was accepted at Michigan State University and graduated in four years with a business degree.

I could not wait to get into the working world! It’s been almost 20 years since graduation and I have achieved goals that many would think are unheard of. What can the next 20 years bring? And the 20 after that? Did I believe that after graduating from college in 2000 I would have been on a successful reality show for nine seasons, a certified diamond grader, managed a pawnshop, built an online retail jewelry business from scratch, have a podcast (which is now widely syndicated), run a social media consulting business, be a jewelry designer and even more that’s on the way?

Don’t let anyone say I don’t go hard after the goals I set.

Eight weeks until the 1/2 marathon. Clock is ticking...