Pokémon Got Me!

I am sucked in like a vacuum cleaner.  What has this game done to our world? At first, I didn’t even want to touch the app. But then I was in New York City and it seemed like everyone was walking around like zombies in the street staring at their phones. Guess who was next in line to play Pokémon Go...ME!

Just three days ago I had only heard about this hype called Pokémon Go. Now I too am one of these tens of millions of people running around catching animals, balls, eggs and more. I thought people were crazy playing this game and speaking in a different language. Now, here I am in the streets of NYC in the rain and running to find Pikachu. Have I really lost my mind, or is this an excuse to unwind? It is actually a release of energy, a ton of fun, and mindless – I need that once and a while – all at the same time. I do not have to think about anything important for the 10 minutes when I'm running around chasing these animals that look like aliens on my phone.

The best part? You walk while you play! If you stop playing the game, your character doesn't move.

If I ran the half-marathon while playing Pokémon Go, would I trip over everyone or actually finish the game? I wonder...