"You're That Bitch!"

“You're That Bitch!” Seriously??? Can you imagine walking up to someone and saying that?

Ok, let me back up. Can you imagine waking up to a stranger in an airport and saying that? Imagine it! It happens to me all the time! Weekly! I’m kind of sick of it too. You watched me on a reality show for years and you grew to know me quite well -- perhaps too well.

I probably made you recall someone that you knew or wanted to hate. You watched me while you were on your couch or in your bed; it was like an addiction. Fast forward a couple years and realize I'm a real person who actually lives outside of your television screen.

As much as I appreciate that I brought anger to you and that you “wanted to throw objects at your TV” (which a stranger told me today), I apologize that you now need a therapist.

Once your therapy is complete (or even if it isn’t), you are welcome to shop all day long at PawnChickShopping.com.  For anyone else who I put in a crisis, you'll find my complaint box on the other bitch’s blog.

Ashley Gold