To Achieve Or Not To Achieve

You can sit back and enjoy the ride or you can grab life by the horns and take off. Which option do you choose?

I've never been the girl to take the back seat in life. I've worked my rear end off to get where I am. Literally. I may write about life, family, work or working out in blogs but family comes first. First and foremost my kids and husband are my priority. Does anyone get my kids off to school, make dinners, help with homework and get him or her to and from activities? Healthy meals are a weekly must for dinner for my hubby and kids at night. I can sit back and order in nightly, but it's not an option for me. It's the choice I make for my family.

I also choose to work. I teach my kids responsibility in our home. I work while they are in school but I always have my eye on the prize, which is them after school. My kids have goals like I did at an early age. I stick behind them as they strive and reach for their passion.

Work ethic plays an important role for my husband and me and seeing that through our children's eyes hopefully will empower them to be the strong individuals we are teaching them to be.

13.1 is almost here and I can sit and watch the days come and go or I can train. My kids will cross the finish line with me at the end, but only I can accomplish the goal I set.

Achieve what you set for yourself or sit back and watch the days pass. Only YOU can be what YOU want to be.

Ashley Gold