Almost Time To Take Off The Bikini

There is a season for everything and everyone. Summer is my time. Love it. The sun, heat, clothes, accessories and activities. Michigan is great, but the season changes are not meant for me. The layers of clothes, snow crunching under my feet and blizzards are things I do not look forward to.

As summer comes to a close, I need to get in my last rays of the sun and soak up as much kiddie time before school starts. How does summer fly by so fast? Can we hit the pause button? Hearing the kids’ laughter all day long, incredible cookouts, no bedtime and more -- What a release of life!

Now it’s back to the schedules, the routines and real life. Are we all ready for school, the supplies, and the activities? Heck, bring on Halloween!

Ashley Goldsummer, bikini, sun