It's Here

My hands are sweating, my heart is beating quickly and my blood pressure is skyrocketing. I'm approaching the most difficult challenge of my life this weekend. I haven't prepared enough but it's something that I committed to and I cannot back out now. The starting line is almost in front of me and I'm going full force. Yes, it's the Detroit Free Press Talmer Bank International Half-Marathon! This girl is going for it come hell or high water.

Shit! Why the hell did I sign up? WHY??? I am seriously kicking myself in the ass right now, and YES I'm swearing too! I have a right to swear because who even knows if I'll make it past Sunday. (Ok, you all know I'm kidding, but really!) 13.1 miles is far. It's not like a run to the corner or around the block. It's a run to Canada and back to Michigan. I'm running to another country! Will my legs even work by Sunday night?

This journey all started a year and a half ago by walking which slowly turned into a gradual run. Who ever thought this girl who was once obese would be signing up for a half-marathon? Truthfully, it started off as a joke that I did not think would ever come to fruition. Well, it kind of slapped me in the face with under a week to go. Need to face it and tie those shoes up and get my butt in gear. Rain or shine, this girl is finishing that finish line!

The best part of it all.... the forecast calls for a 90% chance of RAIN! Don't worry, I won't melt!